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Connection of refrigeration compressors: valves and adapters

Refrigeration compressors can be connected to the copper pipes by several ways. The main of them are the ones with shut-off valves, solder sleeve adapter set or with solder connections. The selection of the connection depends on the type of the compressor connections.



If the compressor has threaded nipples, you need a valve Rotalock or Solder sleeve adapter set.

Rotalock valve

Solder sleeve adapter set

The valve Rotalock on one side has a union nut with thread Rotalock, on the other – the outlet for soldering different diameters. The selection of the valve is carried out with these parameters taken into account. These values are indicated in the valve marking. The first digit of the marking indicates the diameter of the thread of the compressor nipple, the second digit is the diameter of the copper pipe.

For example, valve Rotalock 1’-1/2’ means that the diameter of the thread of the compressor nipple is 1’, and the diameter of the copper pipe is 1/2’.

Rotalock is the most friquently used type of shut-off valves. They are easy to install and have a large number of modifications. They are used and allow you to cut off compressors under repairing and maintenance, connect control and measuring equipment, control pressure and charge the refrigerant. For these purpose Rotalock valve has one or two service connections 1/4”SAE. Some types of Rotalock valves have 1/4” schrader service connection.

Valves with oval flanges

If the compressor has discharge and suction connections with oval flanges, you need valves with oval flanges. In this case the selection of the valve depends on diameter of the screws (ØI), distance between them (Y), and diameter of the copper pipe (ODS). As a rule, these data can’t be recognized from the marking. So you have to be careful when choosing a such type of valve.

Valves with oval flanges fulfil the same functions that the Rotalock valves.

Valves with oval flanges

Solder connections

Hermetic compressors that used for central refrigeration systems, condensing units and chillers usually have solder connections without any valves. That is the reason why the refrigerant can be lost during replacing, repairing or maintenance of compressors with this type of connections.

Hermetic compressors of small capacity that used in commercial refrigeration equipment also can have solder connections.